Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard

Our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Temple Family Vineyards' Lakespring Ranch in Pope Valley, an organic estate vineyard within the Napa Valley appellation. Vineyard manager Arthur Spencer designed and planted this vineyard and farms it with organic principles, producing small, intensely flavorful berries. The vineyard sits at 670 feet, in loam soil, with the vines spaced at 7x5. The farming incorporates many features which support its organic commitment, including barn owl boxes, indigenous legume cover crop for beneficial insects and soil fertility, and ladybug plantings. Temple Vineyards' Growers are constantly striving to nurture the overall ecological health of the vineyard.

Sauvignon Blanc Vineyard

The sauvignon blanc comes from the historic Juliana Vineyards ranch in Pope Valley. The property was originally owned by the first European settler in the area, Julian Pope, and it is named after his wife, Juliana Pope Barnett. The vineyard is farmed sustainably; our farming methods reflect a system that can sustain itself without degrading the land, the environment, or the people. It reflects our concern with the long-term viability of agriculture. The vineyard is on a Bressa Dibble soil, which is a clay loam. It was planted in 1998 and the trellis is quadrilateral cordon, spacing is 8X12, elevation is about 700 feet ASL. Tons per acre average 3.5. The warm environment of Pope Valley brings out the melon-citrus qualities in the fruit.