Green Initiative

Our Philosophy

An ongoing stewardship of our land and our environment is at the core of our farming and winemaking practices at Phifer Pavitt. We are passionately committed to sustainable and organic farming, and caring for our estate, the soil, and the water as diligently as we care for our vines. Our commitment to the health of the soil and our vines now, and in the future, is demonstrated by our meticulous attention to detail including erosion control, minimum tilling and soil disturbance, the use of native plants and grasses throughout the estate to encourage beneficial insects, and the use of owl boxes to maximize pest control.

We believe that our ability to create outstanding wine is a reflection of these sustainable practices and our respect for the land. The dedication that we have for our environment has been recognized with our certification as a Napa Green Vineyard, a Napa Green Winery, and Fish Friendly Farming Certified. These rigorous and independent certifications evaluate over 100 sustainability standards and recertification is required every three years, with an ongoing commitment to a minimum of three new eco-friendly efforts for each certification. Phifer Pavitt is proud to be a certified leader in saving and increasing energy efficiency, water conservation, reducing greenhouse emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, as well as in caring for its employees, partners, and community neighbors.


Our Eco-Barn

Our winery and tasting room are truly unique and further demonstrate our commitment to sustainability with nearly every furnishing and fixture repurposed.  The iconic barn hails from the 19th century and was originally located in nearby Franz Valley. It was moved piece-by-piece, re-milled, and finally reassembled on our estate in 2005. The interior of the upstairs tasting room is fashioned from reclaimed split-rail snow fencing from Wyoming, while the insulation is 100% post-consumable recycled blue-jeans.

The interior light fixtures were designed by Suzanne and assembled by Shane using hay-bailing and hog-wire that were found on the property. Benches have been created using recycled landscape wood from our neighbor Solage Resort, as well as wood beams reclaimed from the original post office in Shane’s hometown of Manhattan Beach. Additional tables were also reclaimed from the post office, as well as side tables designed from used wine barrels. Completing the interior is our tasting bar: a 100-year old, 2,000 lb slab of fallen black walnut, suspended from the ceiling and accompanied by a live oak branch from the property dating over ten years, yet still flourishing with live liken.


Post-Fire Rehabilitation

The Phifer Pavitt estate was significantly impacted by the 2020 Glass Fire. While our historical barn survived, our vineyard did not. As active stewards of the land, it was important to ensure that our post-fire efforts to revitalize our vineyard and estate did not cause additional trauma to the soil or the environment. Each and every scorched vine was painstakingly removed by hand and replanted by hand, with a maximum effort to preserve the microbial composition of the soil. After removing over 1500 burned trees, it was also important to plant pollinators and other indigenous plants and trees that would align with our sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, but that would also encourage the return of fauna and insects to their natural habitat. As we replant, we are committed to utilizing drought and fire resistant, wild-life friendly native plants.


Certifications and Partners

Phifer Pavitt is proud to be certified as a Napa Green Winery & a Napa Green Vineyard, as well as certified Fish Friendly.