Stewardsof theLand

In harmony with nature, in-tune with each moment.

We believe in the totality of farming with sustainability as our compass. When we took the leap of faith into viticulture, we knew we were committed to leaving the planet better than we found it without compromising the quality of our site specific wines.

We found that by putting the needs of the land first, the quality of our wines continued to rise as well as our spirits. At Phifer Pavitt we have created and nurtured a thriving ecosystem where every insect, plant, and earthly material has a purpose and repurpose, earning our Napa Green Certification.

From our Eco Barn, butterfly garden and regenerative farming practices, our wines express not only a sense of place but a living representation of true farming.

We believe by tending to our vines by hand, building a symbiotic team, and keeping a long-term focus on biodiversity, that Phifer Pavitt will continue to exist in harmony with the land. Above all else, we farm in the service of life and our hope is that you taste the difference, feel the difference and savor our land’s bounty one bottle at a time.