our Roots

It all started on date night…

Suzanne was raised on a family farm in Ringgold, Georgia while Shane reveled in Manhattan Beach, Southern California. After a chance encounter, their two worlds hitched together, and they leaned in wholeheartedly. After getting married in 1998, they created a tradition that would forever shape their journey together; Date Night. 

Once per week, and typically over a bottle of wine or bourbon,  Shane and Suzanne would take the time to voice their hopes, fears, wants and wishes. Since then, every big decision was made on Date Night. With similar aspirations of raising a family in the country, tending to their own land by hand with care, and creating exceptional terroir-driven wines in iconic Napa Valley, the ethos of Phifer Pavitt Wine was born.

Suzanne & Shane, 2018

Today, the Phifer Pavitt Family continues to live the perfect balance of love for the land, sustainability, and approachable luxury.

The search was on for untamed land 
rich with history and soils needed to 
create wines that expressed the beauty
and bounty of wine country.

During one of their weekly Date Night’s, they decided that 
a 23 acre plot  in Calistoga would be the place to live out their dream. They planted the vineyards by hand, rooted themselves in a farming community, started a family, and focused on creating wines worthy of sharing their tradition of Date Night.

First Savignon Blanc harvest, 2011