Phifer Pavitt Wines


Winemaker Gary Warburton wears a number of hats at the Phifer Pavitt Winery. First as father and father-in law of the proprietors, Shane and Suzanne. Second as grandfather to Jackson and Rhett Pavitt. And finally as winemaker for the Date Night Sauvignon Blanc.  Gary began his winemaking with local Manhattan Beach friends at their Southern California winery, Quest.  After spending many years as a “do everything and anything” cellar helper, he began making his own amature wines and over 15 years has garnered numerous gold and blue ribbon awards for his creations.  When the Pavitts purchased their Calistoga land he took time from his busy dental practice and enrolled at UC Davis where after three years he earned a degree in Enology.  For the past six years he has been helping build the Phifer Pavitt Winery and just this past year produced his first commercial wine.  His Sauvignon Blanc has been very well received by all who savor its fruity aroma and taste its bright notes and viscous mouthfeel. 





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